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What type of top do I want my valve to be? This is a standard bolt-down top valve. This type of valve is actually bolted to the body of the valve. This valve style has been in use for many years and has proven to be a very durable long-lasting design. There are a lot of people that will only use the standard bolt-down top valves. However, many are starting to use what’s called a jar top or screw top valve.

Bolt-Down Valves Or Jar-Top Valves?

Jar top valves can be serviced by unscrewing the top like a lid on a jar instead of having to unbolt the top. It makes it easier to replace all the parts of a valve instead of cutting the valve out to replace it. Keep in mind you must purchase a completely new valve, which is the exact same model as the old valve in order to use it for repair, and replacement parts.

For more information about Bolt-on and jar type valves watch our โ€œInstalling and Repairing a valve,โ€ video, which can be viewed on the videos page, This video answered the most commonly asked questions about the differences between standard bolt down valves vs. jar top control valves.

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