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Today we’re replacing the diaphragm of a Rain Bird inline valve. Let’s get started!
Before you begin you need to turn the water off to your irrigation system. At your main valve, or at the backflow device. You’ll also need to relieve the pressure in your system; by turning the solenoid on the valve one-half turn.

How To Replace The Valve

Here we’re cleaning off the valve to prevent debris from getting inside the valve. Unscrew the screws on the top of the valve. The water seeping out of the valve is from the pipes in this zone. This is normal. If it’s a lot of water, you may need to siphon the water out or wait for it to go down before continuing with the repair.

When removing the top pay attention to which side the solenoid is on. When you replace the top, you’ll need to have it oriented in the same direction. This Rain Bird repair kit comes with a diaphragm. A solenoid filter. A spring and six screws.

Put on the new diaphragm, lining up the holes. Put the spring in place. And replace the top taking care to not dislodge the spring or the diaphragm. Screw down the top of the valve. When tightening the screws work in a crisscross pattern. Each time tighten the screw across from the last one you tightened. Don’t completely tighten the screws until they’re all in place.

How To Replace The Solenoid Filter

Now let’s replace the solenoid filter. Unscrew the solenoid. Dislodge the filter using a flathead screwdriver. Pop in the new filter. And screw back on the solenoid, being careful to not cross-thread the solenoid. If it gets cross-threaded it will not work properly. Hand tightens only. Do not use pliers on this. Test your system.

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