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Why Purchasing Flow Control Valves Is Necessary

My suggestion is you definitely need to install flow control valves in your sprinkler zones that use pop up spray heads. A typical situation faced by many of our customers is one in which you have multiple zones, one with rotors, and a different zone with spray heads. Rotors require at least 50 pounds per square inch of water pressure in order to properly function.

Provide The Proper Water Pressure To All Of Your Sprinklers

Spray heads work best with about 30 psi of water pressure. When the 50 psi reaches your spray heads, misting will occur. By installing flow control valves in your spray head zones, you are able to provide the proper water pressure to all of your sprinklers, resulting in adequate irrigation all around your yard. You can find more detailed videos about controlling water pressure and using flow control valves, spray heads, and rotors on the videoโ€™s web page.

Shop Flow Control Valves At Sprinkler Warehouse

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