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Should you buy plastic valves? Or brass valves?

Sprinkler Warehouse highly recommends the plastic valves over the brass valves, due to their overall durability and affordability, for most locations, and sprinkler designs. Plastic valves are the industry standard. Modern plastic valves can withstand very high pressures and are more cost-effective than brass valves.

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What Are The Most Durable Plastic Valves?

The most durable plastic valves are made of industrial-strength glass-filled nylon bodies and use fabric reinforced rubber diaphragms. This ensures long life and the most reliable performance.

When Are Brass Valves A Better Choice?

In locations that experience wide temperature swings. With warm summers, and freezing winters. Brass valves are a good choice. Because they are able to better withstand the stresses associated with wide temperature swings.

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