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The most common valve inlet and outlet types are slip connections. Female threaded connections. Male threaded connections. And barbed connections.

With all these different kinds of connections. It’s important to match the appropriate fittings, to prevent leaks. And to connect your valve, and pipe together.

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Q: Why would anyone want a slip connection versus a threaded valve?

A: A slip connection gives you the ability to permanently glue the pipe directly into the valve. And lessens the chance of a leaky connection.

Q: When should I use a male or female threaded Inlet and outlet valve?

A: Threaded valve joints make replacing a valve easier.

Q: Why would I ever need a barbed Inlet or outlet on a valve?

A: Barb connections are used to connect poly pipe. You want to use a valve with a barbed outlet so that you can join the poly pipe to the valve. And don’t forget to use a screw clamp or a crimp clamp to Snug the poly pipe to the valve barb connection in order to prevent leaks.

For more information on connecting pipes and valves watch our video on Installing and Repairing Valves and Pipes.

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