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Save Water, Save Your Sprinkler System

This article discusses how and why your sprinkler system could be using too much water. Excessive use of water or large jumps from your normal usage can sometimes be an indication of irrigation problems. Over-watering, inappropriate scheduling, malfunctioning equipment, and broken water lines can all lead to an unnecessary overuse of water. However, in many cases, it can be easy to blame the sprinkler system when another water usage problem may exist.

1. Check The Watering Program In The Irrigation Controller

  • Was the program set up correctly? Has someone re-adjusted the watering schedule?
  • With some controllers’ extended-watering cycles designed for drip irrigation, it is possible to water one zone for up to 10 hours.

2. Walk Around The Yard / Sprinkler System

  • Are you finding “wet spots” where water is collecting?
  • Do you see signs of excessive dampness in any low areas that could be caused by seepage?
  • Do you see any signs of erosion or holes that could be caused by a broken pipe? Shop pipe & tubing

3. Operate The Sprinkler System

  • Look for geysers, or water boiling out from under heads that could be broken off below the ground. Shop sprinkler heads

4. It May Be Time To Call Your Irrigation Contractor

  • If you have located a broken pipe or sprinkler in your walk-through, notify the service technician.
  • Your contractor can always provide a more thorough check of the system and let you know if the system is causing excessive water use.