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What To Do With Those Autumn Leaves


This article discusses mulching and composting your autumn leaves. Have you considered cutting down the beautiful maple tree in the front yard because it drops enough leaves every Fall to fill your entire house? Does it take you three weekends to gather all the leaves and take them to the dump? Instead of throwing them away, put them to work by composting or mulching them.

Golden Autumn Foliage

Leaves are the most cost effective and one of the best things to compost with, and most people don’t even know it. However, when you leave the leaves whole they can take a long time to decompose in fact I’ve seen them ruin a lawn if left for the entire winter. If you purchase a mulcher or compositor you can easily break down the leaves, twigs, and other yard debris.

Mulching Your Autumn Leaves:

You can rent or buy a mulcher or even mow over them a few times and leave them on your lawn. It may not look nice for a week or so but your lawn will benefit immensely from the broken up leaves.

Composting Your Autumn Leaves:

Composting and recycling yard debris has been gaining popularity recently, mostly because it is organic. It also enriches your soil, which improves soil quality and enables it to better retain nutrients, air and moisture which will lead to better plant health. Pound for pound, leaves of most trees contain twice as many minerals as manure.

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