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Installation Guide: Irrigation System In Commercial Landscape

Rotors Aren’t The Only Method of Execution

Larger commercial landscape areas require knowledge of local laws and regulations, as well as the know-how to install an extensive drip system.

Commercial Large Landscape Area

Once everything has been double-checked, you are ready to start your installation. It is possible to install without a professional, just make sure that you have read up on current information. Sprinkler Warehouse offers a huge selection of drip system parts from all of the name brands in the irrigation industry. Popular brands include, Hunter, Rain Bird, Irritrol, Toro, Weathermatic, and many more can be found right here on our online Sprinkler System and Irrigation Parts Store!

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How to Install on Larger Commercial Landscape Areas

  1. Layout the 1/2″ tubing and secure it with 1/2″ tubing stakes
  2. For hard-to-reach trees or shrubs, connect 1/4″ distribution tubing to 1/2″ hose using 1/4″ barb fittings
  3. Use 1/4″ drip line to loop around trees. Connect the drip line to the 1/2″ hose using a 1/4″ barbed tee
  4. Use Jet Sprays or Microsprinkler on a spike with 12″ spike for flowers or ground cover
  5. Place Supplemental XB Drip Emitters next to larger plants with higher water requirements

Advantages of Drip Irrigation On Larger Commercial Landscape Areas

  • Saves up to 70% of your water
  • Eliminates over-spray
  • No damage to walls or entryways