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At first glance, the flag drip emitter appears to be standing up and waving ‘hi’. Have you ever wondered what their purpose is? I’m your Sprinkler Warehouse Pro here to explain flag drip emitters which I’ll also refer to as flag drippers.

Pressure Compensating Vs. Non-Pressure Compensating

Flag-style emitters are designed to deliver a consistent, dependable, spiral-style water pattern anywhere you need it. Flag drippers are non-pressure compensating, which can be misleading as all emitters are somewhat pressured compensating.

What non-pressure compensating generally means is that you shouldn’t use it on a slope of say, 5 feet or more. No slope? Save your money and buy non-pressure compensating emitters, such as flag drip emitters.

Benefits Of Flag Drip Emitters

The flag design makes identification of flow rate easy, and they can be easily taken apart if necessary for cleaning should they become clogged from the minerals in the water. Despite their resemblance to the little inline valves, turning the flag on top will not regulate water flow.

The flags are often color-coded indicating gallons per hour. For example, black for 1 gallon per hour, green for 2 GPH, and red for 4 GPH. Note, that this may change depending on the manufacturer as flag emitters can also be rated in liters per hour. In that case, a good rule of thumb to remember is there are roughly 4 liters to the gallon.

Additional Methods To Attach Flag Drip Emitters

Flag drip emitters are perfect for a low-pressure system, like a gravity-fed system. We can install it directly on our main line by using a drip punch tool.

Another method to use flag drippers is by attaching the micro tubing to your flag dripper and using a stake to direct the water flow. Remember, this piece of micro tubing is now regulated by the flag emitter it’s linked to. You don’t want to install another emitter at the end of this because you’ve already regulated the pressure with the flag on the mainline. 

Alternatively, you can attach the micro tubing directly to the mainline and add the flag drip emitter on the end of the micro tubing while using a stake to hold up the emitter. 

Learn More About Flag Drippers

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