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Top Of The Line Drip Manifold For Your System

The Hendrickson PR25-9 and PR25-9PC are drip manifolds with pressure regulators. A manifold is also known as a multi-outlet drip emitter. These devices make it easy to convert a shrub stick into a micro drip system. Theyโ€™re perfect for planters, patios, or other areas with shrubs, trees, or ground cover.ย Iโ€™m your Sprinkler Warehouse pro here to tell you everything you need to know about the Hendrickson PR25-9 series.

Added Benefits To Using A Drip Manifold

  • Delivers water directly to the root system
  • Helps eliminate problems with: 
    • Insects
    • Weeds
    • Plant diseases
  • Saves money and prevents wasting water
  • Less runoff 
  • Less evaporation

Differences Between Pressure Regulating Drip Manifolds

There are two versions of the Hendrickson Barb Emitter: the PR25-9 and the PR25-9PC, where PC stands for pattern control. Both versions direct water from a one-half-inch outlet, splitting the flow in 9 different directions using micro tubing to deliver water to your plants. 

However, the PR25-9PC has levers for shutting off the outlet to control the flow rate for each individual outlet whereas the PR25-9 model does not. The latter model has outlets that are always open unless you use one of the included caps to shut it off. Both manifolds flow up to 20 gallons per hour per outlet. 

As noted above, you can’t control the flow rate on the PR25-9, if there is too much flow youโ€™ll need to add to the distribution tubing to regulate the flow. You can add devices such as a Hendrickson valve control stake, control barbed couplers, drip emitters, or micro spray.  

Click Here To Download The Hendrickson PR25-9 Manual

How To Install A Manifold To Your Drip Line

  1. First, screw them onto a shrub stick or a nipple riser. 
  2. Then, insert the filter. They’re both pressure regulating so you donโ€™t need to install a separate pressure regulator. 
  3. Next, install microtubing by attaching it to the barbs. 
  4. Now you can run microtubing from the manifold to the root zone of your plants.
  5. Lastly, secure the tubing in place with stakes. 

We highly recommend adding a diffusion cap, also known as a diffuser bug cap to the end of your microtubing. This will prevent soil erosion at the root level and keep insects from laying their eggs inside the microtubing. 

Depending on the size of the plant, one outlet may suffice for a small dense grouping, or you may use one outlet per plant. For trees or large shrubs, you may need to use several outlets.

Additional Features Of The Hendrickson PR25 Barb Emitter

Both versions of the Hendrickson manifold come with an inlet mesh screen that occasionally needs to be cleaned. You can reach this screen by twisting the top off of the manifold. 

Also, there is a specially made valve box for the Hendrickson Manifolds that provides protection while allowing easy access. As an added bonus, both versions include 9 outlet caps.

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