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The DIG 6-Outlet Adjustable Drip Manifold turns a one-half-inch shrub stick or riser into a mini drip system. I’m Dwayne Smith your Sprinkler Warehouse Product Specialist. Let’s talk about drip manifolds. This is the Dig 6 outlet adjustable manifold. It could also be called a 6 outlet emitter.

Pressure Compensating Outlets Can Be Adjusted Independently

Each of these pressure compensating outlets can deliver up to 20 gallons per hour and can be adjusted independently to suit the needs of the plants or even turned off completely by turning the knobs here. This manifold is perfect for watering individual shrubs, roses, or trees and because it’s drip irrigation, it uses 50% to 70% less water than a conventional sprinkler system. By only watering the root zone area of the plant, drip irrigation helps eliminate problems with pests, weeds water evaporation and runoff, and plant disease caused by overwatering. Quarter-inch micro tubing connects to each of these barbs.

Micro Tubing Carries Water To Plant Roots

The micro tubing carries water to the root zone of your plants. Depending on the size of the planting one outlet may suffice for a small dense grouping, or you may use one outlet per plant. For trees or large shrubs, you may need to use several outlets. Don’t run your micro tubing more than 8 feet. And always use support stakes to secure your micro tubing. These manifolds can be installed above ground or you can place them underground inside a small valve box. To retrofit a sprinkler to a manifold. Unscrew the sprinkler from the riser.

Add Drip Irrigation Riser Stake, Bug Cap, And Barbed Tee For Best Results

Next, it’s a good idea to flush the line for just a few seconds. Shut off the water. Screw the manifold onto the riser. Run your micro tubing from the manifold to your plants. Secure the tubing with stakes. It’s a good idea to use a bug cap, also called a diffusion cap, at the end of the tubing. It helps to prevent erosion and prevents bugs from making their home in your tubes. We sell a number of different diffuser caps on Sprinkler Warehouse dot com. This one, for example, is the DBC-025. If you have enough flow to water two plants from one outlet, you can insert a barbed tee and add additional tubing to reach the root zone of the two plants. Or you can add a coupler and attach emitter tubing and wrap around some plants. But you’ll need to do some math to make sure you haven’t added more emitter tubing than the 20 gallons per hour that the outlet will supply.

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Remember, SPRINKLER WAREHOUSE has EVERYTHING for your irrigation needs so your trees, lawn, flower beds, and gardens are lush and beautiful. And if you have any questions about our products chat with one of our superb customer service agents at Sprinkler Warehouse dot com. They really know their stuff and they’ll get you squared away.

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