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How To Install Drip Irrigation Barb Emitters

Our Sprinkler Warehouse Pro shows us how to install these adjustable barb emitters. Let’s get started.

I’ve got four different little barb emitters, also called button drip emitters, here. First, let’s install them, and then we’ll see what they do. ย I’m going to make a hole in this half-inch poly tube with my pro punch. Usually, you’ll be greeted by a little pop sound when you insert the barb.

That means the emitter is embedded correctly. Now let’s do that three more times.

Now, let’s put a little pressure through here and see what we’ve got. The first emitter here is a 360-degree stream bubbler. Next, we have a 180-degree stream bubbler. Followed by an umbrella bubbler. And a vortex. Just for fun let’s install a button emitter, so you can see the difference in the coverage area.

As you can see a drip emitter is like this button. Dribbles down to one little spot. Where these adjustable emitters cover a larger area. So you can decide what’s best based on the needs of your particular plants.

Another way to use barbed emitters is by installing them on a stake and riser.

The riser will accept any quarter-inch barb emitter.

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