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A backflow prevention device is used to protect potable water from contamination due to backflow, which is the undesirable reversal of the flow of contaminants into your drinking water supply. The Zurn Wilkins 375 reduced pressure assembly backflow prevention device is designed to keep this from happening.

Simple, Reliable Backflow Prevention

The simplest, most reliable way to provide backflow prevention is through an air gap, which is an open vertical space between connection points where contaminants can enter the water supply. A reduced pressure assembly (RP) is a mechanical device that produces an air gap in the event of a backflow or backpressure event and stops contaminated water from getting into your potable supply.

These are the primary features that have led the Zurn Wilkins model 375 RPA to become the irrigation contractor backflow preventer of choice, saving time and expense when maintenance is required. When it’s time for your RPA to be tested, there’s no need for the inspector to use a set of adapters. The Zurn Wilkins 375 FT comes with male threaded test cocks, allowing the testing technician to quickly attach their inspection equipment, saving you money because less time is spent on the job when it’s time to certify your backflow preventer is working properly.

Zern Wilkins’ failure rate on the 375 RP series is almost nil. Before any unit is ever shipped, every single reduced pressure assembly is tested and then engraved with its own unique serial number. This very important number is right here on these stainless-steel struts. Always easy to find and easy to read.

Only after every unit has been tested and engraved is it then boxed in one of the strongest shipping cartons on the market. Zern Wilkins boxes are super strong. They are five times stronger than their competitors. That’s a big thing because when you absent-mindedly throw it in the back of a vehicle, or it’s bounced around during shipping, it will withstand a beating better than the competitors will.

Adaptable To All Water Conditions

The model 375 RP is engineered to operate in all water conditions. This RPA valve has been developed with a minimal number of components that ensures simple and easy repair. Disassembling this valve for maintenance is extremely fast and easy. After shutting off the water, you open these three test cocks to release the pressure from the valve. Unscrew the two screws in the top of the clamp. Remove this wedge. If it’s stuck, you can insert a screw in the middle hole to help pry it up out of the housing then simply slide the sleeve toward the inlet ball valve and lift the check housing up out of the strut assembly.

See how the 375 has a tapered design? That means because the poppets are two different sizes. There’s only one way they can go back together. It’s a mistake-proof design and unique in the industry. Also, since the check-housing is removable from the stainless-steel struts, there is almost never a need to cut the assembly out of the pipeline the patented design of the 375 RP series comes in the form of its removable working, fiber reinforced, plastic check assembly. This housing is made of UV-resistant composite material just like all high-quality modern plastic sprinkler parts. This fiber-reinforced plastic exceeds traditional bronze material performance levels even in severe weather conditions.

The removable housing allows the body to remain in line, while quickly removing, and replacing, the working parts in seconds. Providing a significant decrease in water system downtime. Another factor that sets the Zurn Wilkins RP valve apart from its competition, is the use of its stainless-steel handles which resist corrosion. Leading to a longer working life over standard steel handles. Because the steel handles always seem to be rusted and needs replacing when you go to use them.

After you have performed your inspection of the checks, and the assembly, putting it back together is mistake-proof, homeowner-proof, contractor-proof, or even idiot-proof. Whatever you want to call it, there is only one way the unit goes together.

Available Blowout Flush Fitting

And finally, the Zurn Wilkins 375 RPA has an available blowout flush fitting. This handy accessory provides a quick and easy way to prevent the backflow preventer from freezing, or when there’s a need to perform maintenance on a dry system. You simply replace the check housing with the blowout flush fitting and then pump air into the pipeline to blow all of the water out of your system. Then you’re ready to perform maintenance on dry pipes, or protect them during the freezing months of winter. By keeping the blowout flush fitting installed in the stainless-steel struts over winter, you keep it sealed and protected. It also lets you keep the plastic, and checks, in an indoor location. When spring arrives and it’s time to begin using your sprinkler system again, simply exchange the blowout fitting for the pressure vessel, turn the water on, and your system is ready for use.

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