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Benefits Of A Battery & Solar Powered Irrigation Controller

Sometimes getting power to a controller is a challenge. Thankfully there are battery-powered and solar-powered controllers that can solve your problem. Dwayne Smith, your Sprinkler Warehouse Pro covers some of the options available, for battery and solar-powered controllers in this video.

Sometimes getting power to a controller is a challenge. Thankfully, there are battery-powered and solar-powered controllers that can solve your problem. I’m Dwayne Smith, your Sprinkler Warehouse Product specialist. Let’s get started.

How Solenoids Work

We’re going to cover the options available, for battery and solar-powered controllers. When using solar-powered and battery-operated controllers your valves need to have DC latching solenoids installed. The typical solenoid that is operated by a 24 VAC controller WILL NOT work with these controllers. 

Changing out a solenoid is quick and easy to do. You DO need to purchase a solenoid that is compatible with the valve. All of these controllers that I’ve looked at are capable of working with rain or rain and freeze sensors.  If adding a sensor to your controller is something you want to do, I’d double-check to make sure the one you’re looking at does accept a sensor – it probably does.

Also, all of the controllers that I’ve seen will retain the programming while you change out the battery, but depending on the controller you may have to reenter the time. Once again, verify that before you buy.

Battery-powered and solar-powered controllers come in valve-mounted or wall-mounted types. Controllers that are designed to be mounted in the valve box are built to be waterproof, so they should keep working just fine even when submerged in the muck and mire.

Valve-Mounted Controllers

Valve-mounted controllers come in different models – some that operate just one zone, some that operate several zones.  Choose the controller that has at least as many zones as you have valves. Valve-mounted controllers often are available as a package deal containing the controller and a DC latching solenoid or a controller and a valve with the appropriate solenoid already installed.

Valve-mounted controllers come in two basic styles. There’s the kind with a screen and buttons, like the Hunter node, or the Rain Bird ESP-9V, and there are some that forgo the screen and buttons and are operated via Bluetooth with your smart device like the K-Rain BLKR. The ability to operate from a smart device means you can operate your system or zone without getting into the valve box. And if you’re a contractor you might not even have to get out of your truck to reprogram your customer’s devices. Sweet, right?

Wall-Mounted Controllers

These are battery-operated and some have the option of purchasing a solar kit to make the controller solar-powered. There are some battery-operated wall-mounted controllers out that are just as capable as standard controllers. Including multiple start times. Multiple programs. Some operate up to 12 stations. Seasonal adjustments, rain delays, etc. 

So that’s our overview. Purchase your battery-powered or solar-powered controllers on today.