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Check Local Codes For Backflow Devices

State and local codes vary. But most communities have established guidelines on the type of backflow preventers that need to be installed to protect the drinking water supply.

The atmospheric vacuum breaker or AVB is the least expensive backflow preventer. As a general rule atmospheric vacuum breakers are not economically practical if you have more than 6 valves. Typically, an irrigation system will have several control valves. Each turning on the irrigation in different areas of the yard. A control valve can automatically turn on and off a timer. Or it can be manually turned on or off by hand.

Why To Avoid Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker Backflow Devices

Sprinkler Warehouse recommends that you not use atmospheric vacuum breakers backflow devices. They are extremely unreliable. An Anti-siphon valve can be purchased with a built-in Atmospheric vacuum breaker. The built-in backflow prevention mechanism is not testable and cannot be certified that it is working properly.

The AVB is installed in the Pipe right after the control valve. If you use atmospheric vacuum breakers for backflow prevention. You must install one AVB after every control valve. No Exceptions! They must be installed at least twelve inches higher than the system’s highest sprinkler head.

If you install any valves of any type on the pipes downstream of the atmospheric vacuum breakers. The anti-siphon valves will not work. The downstream valve creates backpressure on the atmospheric vacuum breaker which causes the vent in it to jam. And the AVB will not prevent backflow.

If you use atmospheric vacuum breakers for backflow prevention, they cannot be installed in any location where they might ever be submerged underwater. Like in an underground box.

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