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Adrian Sanchez here, for Sprinkler Warehouse. Today we’re showing you how to replace an inline valve. Our good friends from Affordable Sprinklers let us tag along and video them at work. Let’s get started.

Removing The Valve Box

We’ll be removing the valve box for this repair. As you can see there’s a leak so there’s a lot of mud. This valve was glued in so we’re also going to have to cut it out. Now Mike is using a ratcheting pipe cutter to cut off the valve. That leaves a nice clean smooth cut. The hacksaw can leave burrs that end up clogging up your system. And besides, it’s hard to get down in the hole with a hacksaw.

Cut Wires To The Solenoid

Now cut the wires going to the solenoid. Now, Mike is cutting out the downstream side of the pipe. Notice he’s cutting after the elbow. It’s going to be easier to replace the section of pipe by including the elbow in the replacement. If the valve is located on the straight length of pipe you can use a telescoping coupling to fit in the repair.

Using PVC Coupler For The Repair

The pipe is getting cleaned to offer that the coupling is going to be glued in. You’ll also see Mike stick a paper towel at the end of the pipe. This pipe was dripping a little and the paper towel keeps water away from all the cement and it keeps mud and debris out of the pipe. Apply primer to the pipe and to the inside of the adapters on the valve. A reducer bushing is being added because the outflow side is smaller than the inflow side. When using PVC cement it’s a good idea to wipe away any excess. Remove the paper towel.

Now, slip the fitting in place and give a little wiggle to spread some of that cement. The pipe is cleaning now and heads off to the sprinklers. This section of pipe that he’s installing now the section between the valve at the elbow, he’s cutting a little long. Now what he’s doing is he’s overlapping the pipe so he can cut off the excess and get a very accurate fit. Now if he had tried to measure the distance he came up a little short he’d have to redo the whole pipe coming out the valve. Cutting off that excess. Notice the corners are the two pipes were touching. This is going to ensure a good fit for that elbow.

I like this. He bends the dauber to make it reach under the pipe. That’s a pretty neat trick. Primer and cement on both pieces of pipe and on the elbow. Now, he’s flexing the pipe out. Popping the elbow on. And a perfect fit. Strip the ends of the wire. And twist the solenoid wire to the lead and add a waterproof silicone-filled wire connector. And it doesn’t matter which color goes to which wire. Tada! Now pop the valve box back on, and backfill.

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