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In this video, we’re covering the DIG 12-outlet drip manifolds. They’re an awesome way to convert an existing sprinkler riser into a small drip system. Dwayne Smith here, Sprinkler Warehouse product specialist. Let’s get started.

What Is A Drip Manifold?

A drip manifold is a multi-outlet emitter. It splits water from a single source into multiple directions, usually somewhere between 4 and 12 different streams. In the case of the Dig Top Manifolds, there are 12 individual outlets to channel water from.   

Tubing directs the water to the plants’ roots. The manifolds install on a shrub stick or riser and it can be installed above ground or underground in a small valve box. The emitter tubing, which is sold separately, can either be run underground until it reaches the plant or you can run it above ground and cover it with mulch. 

Inside the DIG Top manifolds, there are these little individual pressure compensating emitters. You can buy the manifolds with these emitters already inside. 

  • The Top-030 comes with 3.3 gallons per outlet emitters installed. 
  • The Top-020 comes with 2.2 gallons per hour emitters.
  • The Top-010 comes with 1 gallon per hour emitters.
  • The Top-005 comes with .6 gallons per hour emitters.
  • There’s also a Top-000 that comes with no emitters in it.

For this one, you’ll need to purchase the emitters you want and install them. The emitters come in sets of 12. And they come in four different flow rates. 

  • Blue – 3.3 gallons per hour
  • Green – 2.2 gallons per hour
  • Red – 1 Gallon per hour
  • Black – .6 gallons per hour

Any of the Top manifolds you can change out the emitters to completely customize your manifold.

Changing Out Emitters

Let’s change out some emitters.

  1. Unscrew the top. 
  2. Remove the filter. 
  3. Pull out the emitter using your fingernail or a small flat head screwdriver. 
  4. Replace it with the emitter of your choice. The flat side of the emitter goes down. The Top emitters also come with these caps so you can close off some of the outlets like this.
  5. The TOP manifolds work with both eighth-inch tubing and quarter-inch tubing. To install eighth-inch tubing, wiggle it in like this. To use the quarter-inch tubing, you need to purchase these converter barbs. The converter barbs come in different colors, which is a handy way to keep track of emitters with different flow rates. There are also these elbow emitters, which is helpful when your manifold is installed close to the ground. To do quarter-inch tubing, I find it easier to put the converter barb into the quarter-inch tubing and then insert the converter barb into the manifold.
  6. From here, you’ll run tubing to the plant you want to water. 

We also sell a couple of different kits that include a top manifold with emitters, eighth-inch tubing, diffusion plugs, watering stakes, convertor barbs, and 8 emitter caps. 

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