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WOW, you smell good, what do you use?

This article explains how you can use your irrigation system to get your lawn to smell better. Get that new car smell from your lawn with a new perfume system for your sprinklers.

It is common for a person to apply perfume or cologne before going out on a date or to work. You buy fragrance clips and hangers for your car. You even buy candles or outlet plug-ins for your home. So it makes sense that you would want your yard to smell just as good.

Sprinkler Warehouse announced today the release of a new fragrance delivery medium for your yard. Using the device is simple because you use your existing sprinkler system. For instance, the kit can be used with underground sprinklers or hose-end sprinklers alike. Using a patented, proprietary injection system, the fragrance is evenly applied across the yard. It is controlled using an on-demand smartphone app. In addition, the app lets the homeowner control how much fragrance is dispensed and for how long. You can even switch between different scents with an optional kit (sold separately).

Perhaps the most exciting news about the scent-system is that it can use your own favorite perfumes and colognes! However, if a $300 bottle of Creed or Le Lebo is too much, we offer a range of less expensive scents. These scents can be directly purchased. They include freshly cut grass, sun-dried clothes, campfire, tropical island sea breeze, or even new car scent.

The kit retails for $399.99 and can be installed in under an hour with tools most homeowners have on hand. Click here to shop at the sprinkler warehouse.